Top paid jobs in IT

Big Data Engineer Devops Engineer  Cloud Architect AI Architect  Blockchain Engineer Information Security  Application Architect  Software Engineer  Data Scientist  Site Reliability Engineer  IOT Engineer


If your iPhone is stolen or lost the very first step is don’t call continuously, because once your phone’s battery is drained not even police can trace it till it gets switched on. File a FIR login to your icloud account and use “Find iPhone” app to trace it. Note:- Please do not turn off your location and internet in any circumstances, because that is the very first mistake we do when our phone is running out of battery

Benefits of Exercising

Regular physical exercise can help you sleep better Exercising improves brain performance  Working out sharpens your memory Running burns calories Exercise prevents signs of aging You get sick less often Exercising boosts your self-confidence  The heart is the strongest muscle in the body On an average a person walks 70000 miles in his lifetime 

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Raises your metabolism and helps you perform better physically It can help prevent Diabetes Coffee can make you smarter It may help prevent Liver disease It may help protect against heart disease and stroke Lowers risk of death Coffee protects your brain Coffee brightens your … Continue readingBenefits of coffee